Stylish - Why I built an app for my designer colleagues

Before I even started coding React, I used to contribute to the Kutt & TGDR repositories of GitHub Link. Its creator Pouria Ezzati ( who is a much better coder than I am ), had created a beautiful template for writing NextJS apps. He used styled-components to add CSS to React components directly, without including external files, like in pure web code.

Although the structure of these files initially looked strange to me, I found that this was a much better way of coding & structuring your applications, as it reduces the number of dependencies, and also helps a lot in dead-code elimination.

It happened so, that I interned for a company after this, that wanted to build their webfront in React. So of course, I took help from Pouria to build a NextJS config which would suit this task, and set out to write the code. This included styled-components of course. However, I soon found out that designers & traditional programmers couldn't easily understand how to write the code for this. So, I built a tool which takes CSS as input, and outputs the component directly, so their work became much easier.

This project is obviously not complete, but that's where Open Source comes in ! All the code is readily available online, you can mix, match, add stuff, & do whatever else you please with it ! All contributions are welcome, so do throw some PRs at this !

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