Backend Development

A list of backend and API-based applications that I have built.

  1. SiteSeer Website Tracker - A Node based tool which tracks websites for changes by using Mongo and JSSoup. It is hosted as a bot on Telegram, which is used to send notifications on change to user.


  1. Blog Project - Project to create and view blogs. Backend is in Node and database used is MySQL

Blog Project

Data Science

  1. Twitter Sentiment Analysis - A project I had built for college

Twitter Sentiment

  1. Neural Color Picker - An RNN based JS library to help pick colors

Color Picker

Desktop Applications

These are the Desktop Applications I frequently contribute to :

  1. PennyWise - An app which allows you to open any website or media in a floating window.


Libraries Published

  1. Neural Color Picker - An RNN based JS library to help pick colors

Color Picker

  1. Audio-Video-Stream.JS - A JavaScript library leveraging the native MediaRecorder API to allow streaming of audio or video files to server.


Mobile Applications

  1. Open-chat-cordova - Rebuilt my chatting webapp in cordova for mobile platforms


Personal Applications

  1. npm card - Built an npm card inspired from a friend to showcase all my links

npm card

  1. NextJS config - Stored my nextjs config on github to speed up development time

NextJS config

Productivity Applications

  1. PWA Protocol Tester - Test HTTP redirects in a PWA environment

PWA Protocol

  1. Styled Components Builder - Add CSS and see it magically converted into Styled React Components

Styled Components

  1. Mdm - Contributed to a markdown to medium tool


Progressive Web Apps

These are the repositories for which I have built a PWA. Each of these work offline and are installable :

  1. Open Chat - An open-source chatting app, implemented notifications


  1. Felix Apology Services - A website I had made for Pewdiepie

Felix Apologies

  1. Telegram Directory - An open source node-based project which I contributed to by making it a PWA

Telegram Directory

  1. Gandharva 19 - My college's cultural event's website. It is built in Django, I helped make it a PWA.

Gandharva 19

  1. Kutt - An open-source URL shortener which is used by >20k people monthly. I contributed to making it a PWA


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